Environmental Justice & Health Equity: What is our role as family docs?  

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Hi Friends! Join our amazing residents as we lead a tour of our community along with talented leaders from environmental justice organizations in Los Angeles!

Register at the AMSA National Conference or by contacting our chiefs “Harbor FM Chiefs” <harborfmchiefs@gmail.com>,

Saturday, March 13, 10:30 am – 1:30 pm
Environmental Justice on the Streets: A Tour of South Central Los Angeles

Join a limited number of fellow attendees for a Saturday morning tour of south central Los Angeles with residents and local community organizers from the Harbor UCLA Family Practice program.  Hear how environment, community, and health are intricately interwoven.  Learn best practices about street medicine and health justice!  The tour will take participants to visit Harbor hospital’s catchment area, the poorest and most underserved sections of Los Angeles.

Note: Space is limited.  Advance registration required


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